Purplehide was founded in 2015, with the dream of being the best brand for leather footwear and accessories. Our aim is that in this modern age no person should ever have to visit dozens of stores in search for their perfect shoe. Shoes are special, and you should never have to compromise on the exact shoe that you want.

On our website you can design the products you want, choosing from the immense number of shoe styles, heel type and heel height that we offer. We have tried to make our leather color palette large enough to cater to everyone’s choice and we keep on adding new color and textures to allow you to create exactly what you want.

So, don’t forget to keep checking our website regularly to find out if we have added anymore of your favorite colors or style.

Happy Designing!




Everyone at Purplehide is committed to redefining the way you think of the shoe industry. We strive to give you the luxury to imagine any shoe design and an opportunity to actually wear those shoes you imagined.

At Purplehide, we have the right mix of craftsmen, graphic designers and leather experts to be able to provide you a memorable shoe shopping experience.

So you can design any style on our online designer and use any colors that you like and be rest assured that our excellent craftsmen will create exactly what you want using the best quality materials to give you a comfortable, unique pair of shoes